Sept 5th – Now Lifestyle QuickStart Guide – Lets Go! :)


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That link above will update as I create the newest, latest and greatest quickstart guides to help you win like I do at Now Lifestyle.

Here is what the document said on the video below…

The Now Lifestyle Pre-Launch Quick Start Guide!

*If you are a free member, and have not upgraded yet, you are currently being passed up right now, and your sponsor is not going to be able to help you build your organization. So make sure you make a quick move on the information below. This is not called a quick start guide for nothing 😉

1. $50/month Now Lifestyle Member

50% immediate upfront payout.
40% goes to the binary.

Example income for you.

$25 payout x 10 members = $250/month
$25 payout x 50 members = $1,250/month
$25 payout x 100 members = $2,500/month

Binary payout:
Hundreds of thousands when done right.

2. $997 NLS University

40% direct commission
10% level one
10% level two
20% goes to the binary.

Level 1:
$400 payout x 10 members = $4,000
$400 payout x 50 members = $20,000
$400 payout x 100 members = $40,000

Level 2:
$100 payout x 10 members = $1,000
$100 payout x 50 members = $5,000
$100 payout x 100 members = $10,000

Level 3:
$100 payout x 10 members = $1,000
$100 payout x 50 members = $5,000
$100 payout x 100 members = $10,000

Binary payout:
Hundreds of thousands when done right.

3. The Binary

The binary is where your long term residual income will be created. It’s slow and steady who wins the race in business, so don’t expect your binary to blow up quickly, but DO EXPECT through hard work, and consistency, that your binary will build so big that you will finally be able to “semi retire” in a way. Where you won’t have to constantly grind, and you can just relax and watch the income roll in.

Allow me to explain how amazing the binary is on the next page…

4. Binary explanation.

5. The products.

The products are coming soon, we will talk about those commissions when they are available.

6. Upgrade now & read my 3 simple steps.

Upgrade now and make sure you read my document on the 3 simple steps it will take for you to get your bank account right so money stops controlling your life.

Click here to access the document.

7. Now that you have upgraded, it’s time to take action.

1. Go to the reseller tools.
2. Go to the promo links/cpa stats.
3. Promote the pages.

Always promote the latest and greatest marketing pages because those are the pages and videos that will be seen all around the internet at the time.

Click here to download the marketing videos.

Remember to always watch the leaders inside of Now Lifestyle to see what they said, and how they are promoting. You learned that in my 3 simple steps, you learned that was ALL I did when I started online, was copy the leaders, and pay attention to what they were doing. Why? They are making money, so they are doing something right… period, end of story.

8. Reach out to your new paid and free members and guide them.

If you don’t have a big team, there is no excuse for you to not reach out to your new team members that join Now Lifestyle, whether it’s free or paid. You see, we were taught from school, that our hands need to be held for our level of commitment to keep going up. Sad? Yes. True? Unfortunately. So people will expect for you to reach out to them and guide them.

If you aren’t new, and you have a pretty big team, and list, then people will understand if you don’t reach out to them, and just keep plugging them into the back office. For example, I can’t reach out to everyone who joins my organization because there is simply too many people, but that’s why I shoot guides and training videos like this so my assistant can at least get this in my new members hands.

9. Watch all of Joel’s videos.

Watch all of Joel’s videos about mindset, working out, etc, the more you become a product of the product, the more you will be able to sell this system and grow your business. Think about it? You don’t buy things from people or videos, or anywhere, unless you see people using them before you purchased it. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t do exactly what is taught in the backend you will fail, this just means work your best to become the best product of the product you can.

10. Post value on your social media that make people want to see you again, and come back to your pages. If you are posting negative things, political things, or things they run across every single day, everywhere, no one is going to care about ya.

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