Tanglu 4 GNU/Linux Distro Released with UEFI Support, KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS Desktop


Tanglu Linux developer Matthias Klumpp is proud to announce today the general availability of the final release of the Tanglu 4 GNU/Linux operating system with both GNOME and KDE flavors.

Dubbed Dasyatis kuhlii, Tanglu 4 is here after many months of hard work, during which the small development team managed to put together all the components of the Debian-based operating system despite the fact that the project leader was busy working on different Debian derivative for the Purism hardware company.

Because of this, it looks like Tanglu 4 doesn’t ship with all the latest and greatest software versions as users might have hoped, but it uses the long-term supported KDE Plasma 5.8 desktop environment on the KDE edition. On the other hand, GNOME fans will be disappointed to find out that GNOME 3.20 is used for the GNOME flavor.

A few of the GNOME packages are from the GNOME 3.22 Stack though, and to cheer you up a little, Tanglu 4 ships with out-of-the-box support for U… (read more)
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